Your Rights When Arrested

Right to Legal Advice - 24-hour representation by your 'solicitor of choice' from In Your Defence Ltd

Our main aims:

  • To advance and protect our client's interests.
  • To advise on law and procedures.
  • To act as a shield. Rightly or wrongly, suspects will often fear that they are in danger of being abused, tricked or otherwise mistreated by the police. Sometimes our clients are emotional or vulnerable. We intervene to ensure that there is not a breach of any rules or obligations and that our clients are treated fairly.
  • To represent clients nationwide. Our lawyers' experience includes cases such as the acting for the alleged ring leader of the Bradford riots, football-related violence in the Midlands and gun crime in London. We have successfully defended a female defendant on a big conspiracy case in Manchester Crown Court for example. Our sole defendant female client was acquitted after a lengthy trial and the 5 other defendants were convicted. Our expert Investigations Legal Representative, Andrew Parker, had originally worked through the night in a Met Police custody suite defending this lady and this intensive work figured greatly at the eventual Manchester trial.
  • To make representations to the police and CPS regarding legal points or bail issues.
  • To press for the search or seizure of evidence which might assist e.g: CCTV footage, oyster card and mobile phone tracing / triangulation.
  • To seek appropriate medical or psychiatric care where needed. To insist on any injuries being photographed or noted as necessary.
  • To achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Remember your rights: Representation at the Police Station is 24 hours a day if you are arrested or to be interviewed by an officer with the power of arrest (i.e. Police / HM Revenue & Customs / UK Border Agency (Border control)). It is also available for identification procedures.

We also represent on other investigations where there is an interview under caution.

You do not have to use the Duty Solicitor at a police station or deal with the matter yourself. You have the right to use the 'solicitor of choice from In Your Defence Ltd.' So call In Your Defence on 01293 550 400. Alternatively, make a request for our services to the custody officer when being booked in or at any time during your detention. Our lawyers are all registered with the Defence Solicitor Call Centre for Legal Aid cases and our details can also be foud very easily on the internet of course. So never accept any official or police officer saying that we don't exist or couldn't be traced. We are approved and regulated by the Solicitors Regulations Authority. Our SRA number is; 592182

Legal Aid is free for justifiable and strictly necessary attendances at the police station. However, you might wish to consider our more extensive private Personal Defence Plan and Personal Defence Plan plus options.

Please contact our Criminal Defence Team on 01293 550 400. We are available for short notice or emergency police station/investigation attendances. 24/7, 365 throughout England & Wales.

In Your Defence Ltd have found that the foundation of a good defence is often our excellent representation at the police station or investigation level.


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