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We react daily to new cases coming in from all over England  Wales. As well as our core team of lawyers, we have our own select London barristers to represent in all courts. Therefore we can adapt to any type of Criminal or Motoring Law allegation.

Our Chairman, Andrew Parker, is one of the leading experts in representing suspects at the police investigation stage. For instance, we have a high rate of success at acting for clients who are under arrest or who may have a planned police station attendance as a volunteer for an Interview Under Caution.

Our abilities are especially in concluding cases at the investigation level, so they do not proceed to court. This might be where the case is formally discontinued (aka no further action - "NFA'd") or the client might receive a caution or a conditional caution. We always try and get the earliest and best result possible. Hence the vast number of satisfied clients who recommend us.

The IYDL support team assist our lawyers and clients to achieve excellent results. They are able to offer practical help to both new and existing clients.

We provide a strictly confidential, privileged and non-judgmental service. Any other communication that you have (i.e. with family, friends, doctor, counsellor, priest or the police) is not confidential and may be used as evidence in proceedings.

What happens when a potential client calls us?

We will be non-judgemental and what a prospective client says to us in contemplation of a case is strictly confidential. Our team are specially selected and trained for this initial contact and one of our lawyers should be available for a brief chat. We will explain the options available and hopefully select a mutually convenient appointment time and location. 

We have the ability to react on an emergency basis 24/7. Anywhere in England and Wales.

As well as our experienced team here at In Your Defence Ltd, we have other experts to hand such as psychologists, psychiatrists, interpreters, laboratory scientists and computer forensic analysts. We utilise these options according to your instructions. 


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