Web Addresses Scanned for Sexual Offence Terms in 2014

All new UK registered web addresses will be screened for terms that indicate or promote serious sexual offences. Existing web addresses will also come under new regulations due to this change.

Addresses found with these terms will be suspended or de-registered by the organisation that oversees all the UK's web addresses, Nominet. In Your Defence Ltd's sex crime unit, IYDL - Sexual Offences, deal with many internet based sexual offences.

Legitimate names to be protected

This is not about domain names that offend, or about swear words, it is about criminal acts relating to sexual offences, said our source.

Once a domain name is registered it will apparently be examined by a computer algorithm looking for terms relating to sex crimes.

Any address that is flagged as containing one of the prohibited words or phrases will then be checked by a human. This is to ensure that legitimate domain names such as our Legal Advice solicitors; site http://iydl-sexualoffences.com are not suspended unnecessarily.

Any domain name containing a sex crime term that does not appear to have a legitimate use might well be reported to the police or other agencies.

If you are under investigation for any sexual offence, contact us now on 01293 550 400.


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