Trading Standards Investigations & Prosecution

Previous cases include: prosecution for selling an unroadworthy car, supplying unsafe electrical equipment, false advertising, obtaining/attempting to obtain money by deception, failure to provide particulars when asked, supplying rented accommodation with equipment that does not conform to safety standards, providing food past its use by date/obscuring the use by date.

We also defend: provision of alcohol ( & cigarettes, offensive weapons, fireworks, solvents etc) to those under 18, and unfair business practices.
In Your Defence Ltd has a background of successfully representing clients in these areas. For example, we have had many calls to represent farmers under investigation by Trading Standards. Our recent cases in Surrey and Sussex have included ‘Failure to dispose of carcasses without delay’ , ‘illegal burning’ and in a joint agency approach with the RSPCA `cruelty to farm animals.'

It is most important that anyone under suspicion contacts one of our advisers asap. Interviews under caution (Police and Criminal Evidence Act – PACE) often take place in the suspect’s home location, council office, police station or similar premises.
Our strong advice is to have one of our lawyers present in order to safeguard the suspect’s interests. We often find that clients come to us for help when they have already been interviewed and “damage done.”
Remember that we defend all over England & Wales.


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