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An initial 45 minutes consultation proves of great benefit to internet users, particularly the huge number who regularly view adult pornography but may encounter possibly criminally unlawful thumbnails, stills or video clips. As proactive defence solicitors, we regularly use FaceTime & Skype to confer with clients, witnesses & our extended team.

Possession of extreme pornographic images falls under sections 63 to 67 of the Criminal Justice Act 2008. In the crown court, depending on the type of image, the maximum sentence is 3 years.

Possession of indecent image of a child (defined as under 18 years) carries a maximum of 5 years. Distribution of same has a maximum of 10 years. Both offences will depend on the level of seriousness category. Our lawyers will of course advise on these and other sex offences.

We have achieved excellent results and feedback from grateful clients who may have downloaded supposedly indecent or extreme images. This may have been momentary but capable of causing much alarm and distress. Panic stations sets in and possible consequences are explored on the internet, without the necessary legal knowledge and experienced insights our uniquely qualified team can provide.

One recent new client was in such a fearful state but after consulting our expert Andrew Parker and having his fears allayed said: “It’s been very reassuring.”

We have a large caseload of these delicate matters and daily dispense advice to individuals from across England & Wales who find themselves in need of our specialist confidential legal service.

Another grateful client wrote to us after her initial consultation and said:

“I want to thank you for seeing me, I was very worried inadvertent actions can have such far reaching consequences, but peace of mind was restored.”


Sex Crime UK lawyers are experts in actively defending on all sexual offences, throughout England and Wales.

These offences often include:

  • making, downloading or distributing indecent images of children
  • sexual assault
  • assault by penetration and rape

If you are worried about a current or possible criminal investigation call us now on 01293 550 400 or email:


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