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We advise and represent defendants on the whole range of criminal court cases in England & Wales. This regularly includes cases in Magistrates and Crown Courts. 

We have taken cases to the Court of Appeal and The Supreme Court. Our Chairman, Andrew Parker, represented a celebrity client which resulted in a stated case at the European Court of Human Rights on the issue of entrapment.

Although we will try to provide a more accurate time frame for your individual case during our initial consultation, we have set out below general time frames:

  • Where you are charged or summoned to appear before the court and enter a guilty plea at your first hearing, your case might be dealt with then. Alternatively, the case might be adjourned for a period of up to approximately three to four weeks for the preparation of pre sentence reports. This can however be done at court at your first appearance, if the National Probation Service are available. 
  • If you are charged or postal requisitioned to appear before the court, enter a not guilty / mixed plea and the magistrates agree to deal with the case, from the first hearing to case disposal may take approximately 16 weeks. However, with the cutbacks magistrates courts are now scheduling 2 or 3 trials in one court room on any given day. The effect is that you may turn up expecting to have your trial and the court tell you that the case will be rescheduled for another date. Such adjournments may even happen 3 times on any one case.
  • Where you are charged or summoned to appear before the court, enter a guilty plea and are committed to the crown court for sentence, from the first hearing to case disposal may take approximately 4 weeks.
  • Where you are charged or postal requisitioned to appear before the court and then sent to the crown court for trial, from the first hearing to plea and trial preparation hearing (PTPH) at the crown court may take approximately 4 - 5 weeks. If the case subsequently proceeds to trial, the case may take approximately 6 to 12 months to conclude.

We accept a new instruction from a defendant even at the proceedings stage and we have not previously acted at the investigation level. Defendants frequently dispense with their current local solicitors and transfer to this specialist law company after a Second Opinion consultation with our experts. 

We do not aim to be the cheapest option but we are national experts in criminal and motoring law cases. We strive to obtain the best outcome for our clients and we have a high record of achievement; nationwide.


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