Preliminary & Investigation Stage

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We have experts who represent suspects at the police investigation stage and often to good effect. For instance, we have a high rate of success at resolving cases so that they conclude at the investigation level and do not proceed to court. This might be where the case is formally discontinued (aka no further action ) or the client might receive a caution. We defend at all police stations, custody centres and other investigation agency venues.

We will obtain a briefing or disclosure from the investigators. Prior to the interrogation, we will insist on a private consultation with our client in order for our client to have informed advice as to how best to proceed.

A relatively routine matter at the police station might be disposed of within up to 24 hours of arrival at the police station. However, where a matter is less routine and the police give you bail (for example to allow them time to undertake further investigation / obtain advice from the Crown Prosecution Service), matters can last much longer (i.e. for some months or even years). Also, in serious cases the initial 24 hours may been extended to 12 more hours detention on the authority of a superintendent. Further extentions may also be sought from the court.

Our advisers have many years of experience and extensive training in order to provide the best representation. Furthermore, we regularly attend professional courses in order to discuss and update ourselfs on developments in the law. We often hold plenary sessions to formulate tactics and approaches. The psychology of police station representation is our forte. We act on the client's instructions by utilising our skills and knowledge. 

 We have the advantage in that we only utilise a fixed fee basis for all our cases, payable in advance. We do not hold client's account funds as is traditional with other law firms. We have found that our clients benefit from this "short term pain for long term gain." This avoids the disputes that often occur between solicitor and client about what has (or has not) been done.

We believe, based on experience, that the investigation stage is the most crucial and often forms the basis of the case and any subsequent court appearance. 


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