Passport Control

We act for individual football “supporters” who are subject to Banning Orders or interaction with police and courts in regard to alleged football violence. Recent apparent affinities include teams such as: Chelsea, Hereford, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Crawley and Brighton.

Over 1,400 so called football hooligans in England may have to hand over their passports to police in order to stop them travelling to Brazil for the World Cup, which starts next week. We understand that this would not apply to fans with banning orders across the Welsh border; only to those domiciled in England.

The prohibition is applicable to all who have been convicted of football related violence and subject to travel conditions under a banning order.

There will apparently be six UK officers in Brazil, helping to control serious misbehaviour by our nationals.

We regularly represent on football related offences and Public Order Act matters.

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Example offences:

Assault (Murder, Manslaughter, Wounding, GBH, ABH and Common Assault) to Dishonesty (Fraud, Theft, Deception, Handling, Receiving and Making Off Without Payment).

Also Trading Standards cases and RSPCA investigations.


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