Indecent Images of Children


Indecent Images of Children – colloquially known as “Kiddy Porn.”



Effective April 1st 2014 the 5 current categories for sentencing for the offence of Possession, Distribution and Production of Indecent images of Children are reduced to 3 degrees:


Category A.
Involving penetrative sexual activity, same with animals or sadism.

Category B.
Images involving non-penetrative sexual activity.

Category C.
Indecent images not falling within the above two categories.

    The aggravating factors (which may increase the sentence) that are quite significant and prevalent in our experience are:

    • 1. Age or vulnerability of child depicted.
    • 2. Period concerned.
    • 3. Large amounts.
    • 4. Apparent pain or distress suffered by child depicted.

    Our view is that a few of the most important mitigating (and hopefully reducing the sentence) elements are:

    • 1. Genuine remorse.
    • 2. Early steps taken to address offending behaviour such as completing recognised counselling, psychotherapy or group work. Lucy Faithfull is a charity in this field for example. Here at In Your Defence Ltd (Sex Crime UK), we have our own eminent psychologists and psychiatrists that often get involved with our cases to the benefit of our clients.
    • 3. Assistance at an early stage with the investigation.

    Please also bear in mind the possible third discount for a timely guilty plea. However, we have recently acted for an indecent images case where the court gave only a fifth reduction on the basis that there was an overwhelming case from the outset.

    Sex Crime UK lawyers are experts in actively defending on all sexual offences, throughout England and Wales. These offences often include: making, downloading or distributing indecent images of children, sexual assault, assault by penetration and rape.

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