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If I had only a few words to summarize my impressions of Andrew Parker and his team at In Your Defence it would be Professional, Thorough, No-Nonsense, Direct, and the results...Brilliant.

If you are reading this then your journey may have started out much like mine. For me it began one morning with a knock on the door, a warrant waved in my face, my computers and belongings seized by the police, and then my family life brought to the brink. All the police could tell me was that I was part of a larger investigation and that I was suspected of downloading and possessing offensive material. My legal woes brought me nothing but fear, uncertainty, and every day was spent wondering if the life I had built was going to be undone. As I am not from the United Kingdom, I had no idea what was ahead or whom I could turn to. It was a living nightmare.

That's when I found Andrew Parker and his team at In Your Defence. From the first phone call Andrew went right to work going over what my rights were and how to protect them. His council was thorough and he explored and reviewed every aspect of my situation. His ability to balance being upfront about all possible outcomes yet still being cognoscente of my personal wellbeing and making sure I was getting the support I needed not only legally, but also mentally and emotionally spoke volumes of his experience.

While the investigation was on going Andrew was able to arrange the return of part of my property which in my eyes was an amazing feat, but I was still apprehensive about the ultimate outcome. He continued to add to my astonishment when sooner than I could have imagined the day came that I was sitting in Andrew's chambers and through his determination a resolution had been reached. Andrew explained that he had worked out an agreement with the investigating team that ended the investigation and the property that meant the most to me would be promptly returned! Never in my wildest dreams, or prayers, could I have imagined such a swift and favourable outcome. I am so grateful for Andrew and his team's professionalism and unwavering dedication to my case. It maybe cliché, but it's true that words don't seem to fully grasp how thankful I am.

Though your case may not end as well and you may not end the journey completely whole, let it be known that you can find peace in one certainty, that as a client of In Your Defence (in my humble opinion) you are in the best hands possible!



In Your Defence Ltd are specialist Criminal Law solicitors, defending daily in courts and police custody suites across England & Wales. All offences, from Assault (Murder, Manslaughter, Wounding, GBH , ABH and Common Assault ) to Dishonesty (Fraud, Theft, Deception, Handling, Receiving and Making Off Without Payment).


Also Trading Standards cases and RSPCA investigations.

If you are worried about a current or possible criminal investigation, call us now on 01293 500 400 or email: support@iydl.co.uk


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