Farming/Animal Welfare Law & Environmental Crime

In Your Defence Ltd are able to represent and assist with the following types of cases:

DEFRA – Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. Central Government.
Responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs.

Previous cases include: damage to the resting place of animal species, ‘baiting’ wildlife with aggressive animals (e.g. dogs), endangered species dealing, egg collecting, and damage to sites of special scientific interest.

We also defend: obstructing/providing false information to officials investigating whether regulations are being observed, causing unnecessary suffering to any animal, not ensuring the welfare of animals under their care ("neglect"), keeping an animal tethered without good reason, not providing a suitable diet/environment, selling/buying/winning animals below the minimum age (16), and not disposing of waste products correctly.

Local Council (including Trading Standards matters)
Previous cases include: failure to wear badges/ID, driving without insurance/failing to provide insurance documents when asked, using/obtaining fake ID, intent to set up a bank account under a false identity, plying for hire when not an official taxi driver, carrying on a business in contravention to licences, insanitary premises in an eating establishment/supermarket.

We also defend cases  such as: fly-tipping, abandoned cars, vandalising, too much noise, benefit fraud, parking penalties, Dangerous Dogs Act and dog fouling, overloading vehicles, providing imitation goods (e.g. fake Gucci clothes), money-lending without a licence, blackmail, failing to ensure health and safety of employees, chopping down trees in a conservation area, providing cigarettes without health warnings, and illegal raves.

It is most important that anyone under suspicion contacts one of our advisers asap. Interviews under caution (Police and Criminal Evidence Act – PACE) often take place in the suspect’s home location, council office, police station or similar premises.
Our strong advice is to have one of our lawyers present in order to safeguard the suspect’s interests. We often find that clients come to us for help when they have already been interviewed and “damage done.”

Remember that we defend all over England & Wales. All investigations, police stations and courts. In your defence, it's what we do.


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