Crime Mystery – Statgate

Have there really been fewer crimes in recent years? As law professionals, we are pretty cynical about such records and here is the latest evidence:

Nearly one million criminal offences, including rape (‘it would lead to too much work!’), have failed to be properly recorded by the police in a single year. Some cases were wrongly recorded and others were cautioned when they should have been prosecuted due to their past record.

Apparently, 20% of crimes were under-recorded last year in England and Wales. This added around 900,000 crimes to the 3.7 million recorded last year.

If a police officer quotes a timescale for inquiries or CPS review, we normally double it for a more realistic figure. Methinks one should do likewise in the case of police, CPS, DPP or Government stats. Is the incidence of criminal offences reducing in your own neighbourhood?

In Your Defence Ltd are specialist Criminal Law solicitors, defending daily in courts and police custody suites across England & Wales on all offences.

Example offences: Assault (Murder, Manslaughter, Wounding, GBH, ABH and Common Assault) to Dishonesty (Fraud, Theft, Deception, Handling, Receiving and Making Off Without Payment).

Also Trading Standards cases and RSPCA investigations.

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