Animal Cruelty Crimes & RSPCA Prosecutions

In Your Defence Ltd  ( formerly known as Hedley - Saunders & Co/M23Law) has a history of successfully defending RSPCA animal welfare prosecutions

Cases relating to animal welfare and animal cruelty raise intense emotions in the general public, when compared to other more common offences such as shoplifting. The Press and TV often exacerbate the whole affair and we have experience of weathering the media firestorm on behalf of our clients. Whether the case results in a conviction or not, the defendant is often the victim of abuse or a hate-campaign. It is therefore important to us to minimise the publicity and ensure the case is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Both action and omission can result in prosecution and an intention is not necessarily required.

There seems to be much public confusion regarding the powers of the RSPCA. The public and any individual suspect needs to be made aware of what powers the RSPCA do have and know that it is only the police that have powers of entry, arrest and seizure. Individuals are not obliged to answer any RSPCA questions.

It is important that a suspect is advised by In Your Defence Ltd before she or he undertakes any interview, if possible.

We often feel it is necessary to utilise one of our experts in addition to, or in place of, the client’s own vet.

In Your Defence Ltd advises our clients with animals to keep good records of any animal illness and veterinary advice given or instructions which they may be acting on.

Knowing what the correct standard of care is for a certain species may be difficult and at In Your Defence Ltd we utilise the great depth of knowledge of our experts in this regard.

It is most important that anyone under suspicion contacts one of our advisers asap. Interviews under caution (Police and Criminal Evidence Act – PACE) often take place in the suspect’s home location, inquiry office, police station, council offices or similar premises. Our strong advice is to have one of our lawyers present in order to safeguard the suspect’s interests. We often find that clients come to us for help when they have already been interviewed and perhaps “damage done.”

We defend on cases hroughout England & Wales.


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