Active Pace™ & Active Pace PLUS™


’In Your Defence’ is the mission statement of our specialist law practice. We have developed Private Fee Options against the backdrop of Legal Aid cutbacks (applicable to all law firms & duty solicitors). This means that at the police station level, the public purse will increasingly only pay for 'justifiable and necessary' attendances by lawyers. The result of this is that public funds are no longer available for the preparation and sustained representation that we believe is essential.:

Therefore, HS&Co and our sister business M23Law have developed the concept of Active PACE™. This is a (non-returnable) fixed fee limited retainer that covers the above-mentioned work. The fixed fee means that you do not have to worry about hourly rates and escalating costs. We were at the forefront in developing this more modern approach to the basis of the lawyer client relationship.

Active PACE™ : includes all advice and assistance that we deem necessary over the relevant period. Please contact 0844 2640 999 or email help@HS& for further information, clarification or a quote.

Active PACE PLUS™ : This crucial concept allows for additional specific items such as the instruction of one of our experts. We frequently utilise our preferred and approved psychologist in London on sex or violence cases for example. This can be both therapeutic and beneficial in the investigation stage. It can include a consultation with one of our legal experts.

If you are due to attend a police station or have been released on bail, our private services might include:

Advancing and protecting your interests: Our team are adept at liaising with investigating officers, making representations to the officers / CPS and checking on the progress of your case. For example, we may seek to vary your bail conditions. We are also very effective in ameliorating the situation for our clients. A frequent successful outcome is where we obtain a caution or conditional caution and thereby avoid a court case in the public domain.

Personal communications: This may be face to face, over the phone, Skype, FT or via email as is currently preferred by most of our clients. This may involve answering any questions you may have about legal, factual issues or procedures. Venues are available at our West Sussex (near Gatwick) HQ; our London Chambers or at other strategic locations.

Strategies: Each Active PACE™ package is tailored specifically to the client's needs and agreed before work begins. We can be pro-active and plan the necessary preparation in order to obtain long term benefits for our clients. An example might be where there are medical or scientific activities to be explored.

HS&Co believe that the foundation of a good defence is our excellent representation at the police station or investigation level.


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