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Fixed Fees

We operate under a Fixed Fee basis (limited retainer) for preparation and attendances in connection with any criminal cases. Unlike most law firms, we prefer not to charge our clients by the hour or by item. The fixed fee means that our clients do not have to worry about hourly rates and escalating costs. Our chairman, Andrew Parker, refers to this as: 

"Short term pain for long term gain." 

Our fixed fee covers all reasonable preparation for each stage as deemed necessary by this company. It would not include any further work or attendances beyond the specified period. Each Fixed Fee agreement is tailored specifically to the client's needs and agreed before work begins.

Options might include:

  • Our proven ability to represent suspects/defendants anywhere in England and Wales. Andrew has even taken a case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (R v Shannon [2001] & Shannon v UK [2005]). 
  • Our experts: Computer Analysts, Pathologists, Scientists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Toxicologists, Facial Mapping etc.
  • We only use our London Counsel (specialist barristers). They regularly travel to appear for our clients at courts all over the country.
  • Video conferencing, Skype and FaceTime call facilities available.
  • Private meetings at various venues throughout England & Wales to suit our clients. Especially at our London Chambers in the Temple ( near the Royal Courts of Justice).
  • Advocacy and representation by our experienced lawyers.

For more information contact our team.

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Personal Defence Plan & Personal Defence Plan Plus

In Your Defence Ltd have developed the concept of Personal Defence Plan. This is a fixed fee limited retainer that covers the important investigation stage. The fixed fee means that you do not have to worry about hourly rates and escalating costs. We were at the forefront in developing this more modern approach to the basis of the lawyer client relationship.

Advancing and protecting your interests: Our team are adept at liaising with investigating officers, making representations to the officers / CPS and checking on the progress of your case. For example, we may seek to vary your bail conditions. We are also very effective in ameliorating the situation for our clients, often colloquially referred to as "sorted." We are extremely successful in obtaining the desired outcome. For instance, this might be where we obtain a caution / conditional caution and thereby avoid a court case and attendant publicity.

If you are due to attend a police station or have been released on bail, our private services might include:

Personal Defence Plan: includes all advice and assistance that we deem necessary over the relevant period. 

Personal Defence Plan plus: This crucial concept allows for additional specific items such as the instruction of one of our experts. We frequently utilise our preferred and approved psychologist in London on sex or violence cases for example. This can be both therapeutic and beneficial in the investigation stage. It can include a consultation with one of our legal experts.

Please contact 01293 550 400 or email support@iydl.co.uk for further information, clarification or a quote.


Each Personal Defence Plan package is tailored specifically to the client's needs and agreed before work begins. We can be pro-active and plan the necessary preparation in order to obtain long term benefits for our clients. An example might be where there are medical or scientific activities to be explored.

In Your Defence Ltd firmly believe that the foundation of a good defence is our excellent representation at the police station or investigation level.


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