Skype and FaceTime - Our AdviceTime Option

An initial 30 minutes consultation proves of great benefit to internet users, particularly the huge number who regularly view adult pornography but may encounter possibly criminally unlawful thumbnails, stills or video clips. As proactive defence solicitors, we regularly use FaceTime & Skype to confer with clients, witnesses & our extended...

Teenagers Accessing Porn. Addictive and Damaging?

BBC Radio One Newsbeat today at 12:30 to initiate massive debate on internet use of teenagers. Apparently around half of 15 to 17 year olds have seen porn on a smartphone or tablet, according to survey conducted by charity Young Minds. Also, a third of 11 to 14 year olds had watched porn on a moby. Today is titled ‘ World Safer Internet Day ’ and...

Web Addresses Scanned for Sexual Offence Terms in 2014

All new UK registered web addresses will be screened for terms that indicate or promote serious sexual offences. Existing web addresses will also come under new regulations due to this change. Addresses found with these terms will be suspended or de-registered by the organisation that oversees all the UK's web addresses, Nominet . In Your Defence...

Kids in Floods of Tears

A 22-year-old man was reported for careless driving after apparently splashing a group of primary school children and their parents in Essex, leaving them drenched. A police officer saw the alleged incident and pulled the man over. He said ‘The vehicle was driven through the puddle at a relatively fast speed making no attempt to slow down or avoid...

'Death or Injury - Defective Lorries and Driving Licence Offences.'

Our Motoring Law experts are often consulted by drivers of LGVs (HGVs) who are in trouble with the authorities and facing prosecution. They have discovered that 2/3rds of lorries stopped by the police are being driven illegally or are defective in some way. This obviously has an effect on the safety of other road users. Long Goods Vehicles (also...


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