Racist and Discriminatory Police

Are the police still institutionally racist? The 1999 Macpherson Report into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence branded the Met ‘institutionally racist.’ PC Carol Howard is claiming direct discrimination against the Met on grounds of race and/or sex and/or marital status. Also harassment and victimisation while pursuing her career as an...

Selfie Incrimination

A burglar was sentenced to two years and eight months imprisonment in Sheffield Crown Court . He was caught due to a selfie taken on one of the victims’ phones! He put his own sim in the phone and took a mug shot which he unknowingly sent, via WhatsApp, to the victim’s work friends. Ashley Keast (25) took a mobile phone, jewellery and a car from...

Trusted Islamic Tutor Avoids Jail

An Islamic tutor named Suleman Maknojioa (40) escaped a custodial sentence after molesting a girl he taught. He apparently escaped prison because his wife speaks ‘very little English.’ Mr Maknojioa apparently rubbed the 11-year-old girl’s leg and squeezed her chest under her scarf while she was praying. Mr Maknojioa was arrested after the victim’s...

Face Time?

Scientists have claimed that DNA left at a crime scene could one day be used to create an image of an offender’s face. According to experts, 20 genes had “significant effects” on facial appearance, including ones for lips, bones, around the eyes and skull appearance. Genetic mug shots could be more reliable than computer generated mug shots based...

Jailbird Tweets

Twitter crimes have dramatically risen nearly four fold between 2011 and 2013. Terrorism, robbery, sex attacks and shoplifting are just a few of the offences which have had a connection with social media. Some experts think more should be done about social media such as Twitter and online crime. Steve George-Hilley, from the think-tank Parliament...

Life Imprisonment Quashed by Court of Appeal

Paul Simon Smith of Blaby was convicted of the kidnap and sexual assault of a 31-year-old woman. He was given life imprisonment. The attack happened in November 2012 in Fosse Park. Mr Smith got into the victim’s car, forced her to get him beer from the back of the car and not to look at him, as well as demanding money. He drank the beer, stroked...


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