Lock, Stock and Two Penal Systems

The Dutch government are facing a strange crisis; prisons are under populated. There are more guards and other prison staff than prisoners. Crime rates in the Netherlands have decreased slightly in the last few years but aren’t a lot lower than adjacent countries. Many Dutch people think that sentences are to lenient for violent offenders...

Heads Up and Head’s Away

A head teacher has taken a month off work during term time and has been accused of being ‘arrogant or naive.’ The teacher has taken 28th April 2014 – 23rd May 2014 unpaid leave to get married. A parent of a pupil at the school said: “I find this disgusting. How can governors approve leave when parents themselves can be fined for similar actions?”...

Face it

Law enforcement agencies in the UK have apparently made over 1,900 requests for data on Facebook users from July – December of 2013. 2,277 accounts were affected by the requests. Facebook’s general counsel, Colin Stretch, said “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share. When we receive a request for information, we carefully access...

GV Testimonial

If I had only a few words to summarize my impressions of Andrew Parker and his team at In Your Defence it would be Professional, Thorough, No-Nonsense, Direct, and the results...Brilliant. If you are reading this then your journey may have started out much like mine. For me it began one morning with a knock on the door, a warrant waved in my face...

Indecent Images of Children

Indecent Images of Children – colloquially known as “Kiddy Porn.” Effective April 1st 2014 the 5 current categories for sentencing for the offence of Possession, Distribution and Production of Indecent images of Children are reduced to 3 degrees: Category A. Involving penetrative sexual activity, same with animals or sadism. Category B. Images...

Skype and FaceTime - Our AdviceTime Option

An initial 45 minutes consultation proves of great benefit to internet users, particularly the huge number who regularly view adult pornography but may encounter possibly criminally unlawful thumbnails, stills or video clips. As proactive defence solicitors , we regularly use FaceTime & Skype to confer with clients, witnesses & our...


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