Crime Mystery – Statgate

Have there really been fewer crimes in recent years? As law professionals, we are pretty cynical about such records and here is the latest evidence: Nearly one million criminal offences, including rape (‘it would lead to too much work!’), have failed to be properly recorded by the police in a single year. Some cases were wrongly recorded and...

Search May

Apparently over 250,000 stop and searches carried out last year might have been illegal. Home Secretary Theresa May warned that she has set out plans to overhaul the controversial police practice. The police standards watch dog, HMIC, found that 27% of stop and searches were conducted without the officer having reasonable grounds for suspicion...

Pin Cam Toilet Teacher

Gareth Williams, 47, has pleaded guilty to 31 charges including 9 of voyeurism, 20 of making indecent photos and 2 of possessing indecent photos. Mr Williams, a teacher from Cardiff , apparently placed a pinhole camera in a toilet so he could watch children’s’ genitals when they went to the toilet. Over 16,000 indecent images were allegedly...

GBH Acid Attack

A man, Matthew Wood, has been charged with grievous bodily harm (‘ GBH ’) after allegedly throwing caustic fluid at a woman as she answered her front door. The 19-year-old victim, Aleena Rafiq, apparently suffered 15% burns which damaged her throat and lungs. Mohammed Rafiq, who answered the door alongside Miss Rafiq was also said to be injured...

Game over for Sports Torrent?

A top file-sharing site ‘ ’ has been shut down after the police warn them they could be jailed. The site offers content such as European football matches, Formula One races and sports related documentaries. The City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit warned " PIPCU has the lawful right to pursue action...

Strip Tase

Two men were tasered in Burnley Police Station after apparently refusing to take their boxers off during a strip search. The Independent Police Complaints Commission ( IPCC ) are worried about taser use in cells. The two separate incidents were two months apart. The officers involved said they were worried about the detainees becoming violent when...


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