Passport Control

We act for individual football “supporters” who are subject to Banning Orders or interaction with police and courts in regard to alleged football violence. Recent apparent affinities include teams such as: Chelsea , Hereford , Crystal Palace , Fulham , Crawley and Brighton . Over 1,400 so called football hooligans in England may have to hand over...

Oxford Union and Rape

We support Professor AC Grayling over his stance regarding whether Oxford Union President Ben Sullivan should stay in post while being investigated over rape allegations. We also believe that suspects on sex allegations especially should have anonymity at the investigation stage and possibly before any trial or proceedings outcome of guilty. We...

Malware Cybercrime

An investigation into developers and users of ‘Blackshades’ has resulted in 17 Britons being arrested. Authorities believe that “malware” tools have been used to access over 200,000 usernames and passwords of victims across the world. 97 suspects held in 16 countries. The software was designed to take over, control and steal information from...

Stiff Penalty?

The widow of a man who died in 2007 has been given a 6 month jail term after pretending her husband was still alive and had been at the wheel of their car in 2008! She would have been sent a Section 172 Notice as to who the driver was on the two speeding occasions and she claimed it was down to her hubby. She pleaded guilty to Perverting the...

You're Kidding? Moyes Clitheroe

Lancashire Police are apparently investigating an incident outside the Emporum wine bar in Clitheroe. It is alleged that David Moyes saw red after some comments were aimed his way. The media report a bruised shoulder to a man in his twenties. We are often called to defend suspects arrested for offences outside pubs and clubs. These may include...


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