Police Station Representation

'Police Not PC' A recent investigation into complaints made against police has revealed that only 1% of complaints are being upheld by forces. The study revealed that only 77 out of an approximate 8000 complaints in England & Wales were successful. It also showed that 3 forces upheld no complaints of a combined 702. These were the Greater...

Man jailed after assaulting police officers

Ross McPherson, 24 has been jailed for 10 years after assaulting a police officer with intent to cause grievous bodily harm on 4th December last year. Ross McPherson was stopped during a routine stop at which point he became verbally abusive and threatened the three police officers present. Despite being sprayed with Captor spray, McPherson...

Automatic jail sentence for knife carriers

The conservative party have announced the potential passage for a new law carrying a stiffer penalty for offenders caught with a knife on more than once occasion. The proposal was initially drawn up by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. However it will be tabled as an amendment to a bill by Nick de Bois MP. Voting for the new law commences mid June...

Elderly man convicted sexual offences against school girls

The accused, Paul Mahoney was found guilty of indecency towards two school girls. The indecency involved sexually touching, which occurred several years ago. Mahoney claimed that the allegations were untrue and that it was a “conspiracy”. Paul Mahoney of Spring Close, Lutterworth was found guilty of five counts of sexually assaulting a child under...

Anonymity & Sex Crime Allegations

Ex Deputy Speaker and still MP, Nigel Evans , agrees with our chairman Andrew Parker that people accused of all sexual offences should be granted immunity unless they have been formally charged. We would go further and have anonymity on these matters until conviction if the defendant is of good character. Should counselling be provided for...

Porn watching lorry driver kills

Ian Glover was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by Shrewsbury Crown Court for Dangerous driving . He was concentrating on mobile porn and not on the A5 near Telford . He ploughed into a broken down stationary car on the hard shoulder. The lorry driver had been viewing pornography on two sites for several miles, while driving at 56 miles an hour...


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