In Your Defence Ltd – We often defend at the police stations in cases where abuse is alleged.

To combat the supposed increase of online abuse cases the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have updated its guidelines. This update supposedly assists the prosecution of cybercrime. The specific focus of this revision covers: A) Where offenders set up fake profiles in the names of others; B) New social media offences, including, revenge pornography...

The only crown court in West Sussex set for closure

Chichester Combined Court in West Sussex has been earmarked for closure. The reasons for the closures include, the court being apparently underused. This announcement has come alongside 91 other court closures, said to save the tax payer £500m per year. Lawyers have pleaded with the Lord Chancellor, Michael Grove, to reconsider his decision as...

A brief note

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are set to provide victims and witnesses of crown court proceedings with additional help and support. Paralegal staff to be available to answer questions about the daily life in a court, as well as thanking witnesses for giving evidence. Our chairman, Andrew Parker, wonders where the extra resources are to be...

Modernising criminal justice practices: The Virtual Brief

In the Law Society Gazette on the 17 th November 2014, there was an article by Monidipa Fouzder about Judge Tanzer appearing via Skype as a jury returned their verdict. This was at Croydon Crown Court, a court we know well, and the teacher defendant was acquitted of sexual offences. The court Wi-Fi was used and the judge appeared when needed on...

Client M

I cannot express enough about my experience with "In Your Defence". As someone who has never had to deal with a legal process other than House Conveyancing, it was reassuring to have Andrew Parker working for me as my guide through the minefield of legal process. We achieved a better result than I could have hoped for. On top of all his excellent...

Specialist Criminal Solicitors

Drug Offence Crack Down Dorset Police have raided several properties and made numerous arrests relating to drug offences in the Bournemouth area. 16 suspects from 17 to 51 years were arrested. Dorset Police remarked that it was a “day of action” against drug dealers. The sixteen arrested were detained on suspicion of possession with intent to...


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